The History of Honkaku-ji also known as Kai-temple

Honkaku-ji is one of the branch temples of Jōdo-Chinzei-sec-Chion-in.
Its’ honored mountain name is Daishin-zan (Mt. Daishin).
Honkaku-ji is well-known as “Kai-dera," which means Shell Temple in Japanese.
Located by the beach, the fishermen used to offer up shells to Honkaku-ji throughout history.
Therefore, Honkaku-ji exhibits thousands of rare shells.
Also,Honkaku-ji is deeply related to the Tokugawa-gosanke, Kishu Domain.
We are enshrining the historic Kishu lord’s tile.
If you are coming to Nanki Shirahama, please feel free to visit the Honkaku-ji.

Visitor information

Nanki Shirahama, where Honkaku-ji is located,
has many attractive tourist spots, which can be enjoyed by visitors of all ages.

When you visit this temple, you can also take a stroll and enjoy the relaxing breeze of Nanki Shirahama.